23. Taking advantage of your trip to the ukraine to save on dental care



An explanation of one example that shows how much you could save on dental care while in the Ukraine.  How the international marriage agency, UkReine, can help you take care of your dental needs as well as finding a bride.  The art of killing two birds with one stone.

This article will be about something else than dating because we think that you could be interested to know about this subject.  There is one topic that came up at one point concerning the cost of living in the Ukraine:  the dental care prices are much, much lower than in western countries.  Some men decided to do this during their trip – they went to the dentist in the morning, then went on a date in the afternoon.  Why?  Allow me to explain.


Here is one example:  one Canadian man needed to have implant work done, and the price in Canada was 3,000$.  The second job that needed to be done was a sinus lifting, which cost the same thing – 3,000$.  So, he chose to verify the price of getting these two jobs done while he was in the Ukraine.  He also made sure that the quality would be the same as back home, and he was happy to see that the implants were from Switzerland and the equipment was the latest technology.  Here is the best part of the story:  he paid only approximately 400-500$ instead of 6,000$ – for the exact same service!  This is a saving of 5,500$, which is hard to say no to.  The quality is excellent, and when the man’s Canadian dentist looked at it, he said that the job was very well done.  Then, he mentioned the price and his dentist could not believe it.


Therefore, it is up to you to verify what you need to do if you wish to have dental work done in the Ukraine.  You don’t even have to come for dates with the renowned beautiful women of this eastern area (although it is highly recommended if you are single and looking!) in order to save very important amounts of money on your dental work.  But, if you are using the services of the international marriage agency www.ukreine.com, you can contact them prior to arriving in their country and they can help you find reliable dentists with whom you can book an appointment in order to save money on your dental needs.  They will also take you to the clinic in the morning as well as ensuring you are getting to your dates in the afternoon.  This means you will kill two birds with one stone: save money on dental care and find your future spouse!