20. Obtaining direct contact information to meet hot ukrainian women: Skype, Facebook


What are the methods that scammers use in order to get your money.  What is the best method to ensure you are not being tricked.  What it really means to obtain contact details too quickly and how you can meet hot Ukrainian women of your liking without encountering issues.


There are several ways of meeting and dating Ukrainian ladies that you contacted through an international marriage agency or an online dating website.  However, when it comes to direct contact – meaning that you prefer using her personal data and not the website, which could seem very impersonal – there are things you need to know about why this is not advisable.  Although this may very well seem like the main objective, there are things you should know about contacting this person through their personal data that they were quick to share with you.


If we take online international marriage agency, ukreine.com, they do have profiles of women without this information because the ones who created them and put up pictures of stunning hot Ukrainian women are surely trying to scam you.  There are so many of them, it is hard to figure out if any of these profiles belong to real, single, honest women.  These scammers, at times, do this sort of thing for a living and are considered professionals in this “field”, if we could call it like that.  They were removed from the site because of the high level of risk and if you wish to see them and try to contact these girls (who are probably not girls, perhaps do not look anything like what the picture shows, and might not even be female).  However, remember that they are probably going to try to ask you for money.  The rule of the agency UkReine is that every single lady who wishes to meet a man must present herself at the office in order to prove that she is real, and must fill out forms and applications to complete the process.  Those who do not take the time to show up are either scammers or not truly motivated to find a western man.  We then know that something is wrong with the profile and take it down.


It is important to remember that several scammers will give you all their contact information because they want to receive your money – quickly.  So, let’s explore this example.  You are corresponding with a fantastic Russian or Ukrainian woman and you know she is real (meaning that her profile pictures are really hers).  She gave you her personal contact information already.  She is fluent in English and speaks with you regularly.  Now, think clearly about this:  she already speaks English very well.  She is beautiful, and apparently, single.  But, she has a profile on an online dating website.  How many men would write her every single day? Probably hundreds, maybe even more.  What are the chances that you would be the one she would choose?  Very low.  She will be spoiled because she will receive a great deal of attention from men.


Now, let’s look at ukreine.com once again.  This article is not meant as a free publicity for this site, but it is used for comparison purposes because of the type of international marriage agency it represents.  The reason why the beautiful women who sign up on this site do so is partially because their language proficiency is not high enough for them to find a western man on their own. They do not know which websites are the good ones and UkReine is free for women.  This means that the ones who typically subscribe to an agency need the assistance and their English level is usually low (at times a bit better), therefore the ones who are fluent and do not seem to need the help of an agency are probably actresses hired by a scamming company or doing this on their own.  If they are truly seeking a man, they will have tons of suitors.  Remember that a woman who otherwise interests you, but does not speak your language, can learn within just a few months.  This is why it is not recommended to pay attention to their level of proficiency in English.  Furthermore, because very few men bother to contact these women of eastern countries just because they can’t chat easily, your chances of success in seducing her are extremely low.  On the other hand, if you accept meeting those who are not fluent but who have many other characteristics that you are attracted to, then this is what’s important.  You are, after all, looking for your future spouse – the one you will spend the rest of your life with.  She has plenty of time to learn to speak English.  Therefore, age, appearance, career choice, education, and personality should count more.


As for the gorgeous women in the Ukraine you choose to meet on a trip to their home turf, you will receive all their contact information prior to the first date.  After all, you have the agency’s website at your disposal to chat with her, and the way you decide if she is right for you is when you see her.  Anyways, we encourage our clients to minimize online contact and to try and meet in person as quickly as possible.  Correspondence is not a good judge of character.  Web conferences with Skype can be organized by the agency as well.


Therefore, it is best not to hunt for email addresses.  The more appropriate method to meet women is to travel and see the woman of your dreams in person (who will surely be amongst the beautiful single girls you will have selected through the website).  The personal contact will happen afterwards.