41. Beautiful Russian women: the top mistakes that men make when they look at their sexy online profiles

How to avoid making the most common mistakes that men make when looking at the profiles of beautiful Russian women.


The three most seen mistakes made by men who want to date or marry beautiful Russian women.  What you should avoid doing in order to avoid deception and disappointment.  How to remain realistic.


There are some errors that men make when they are looking for a woman through an online dating website or an international marriage agency.  The three main ones are going to be detailed in order to help you learn how to browse without making these awful mistakes.


There are many men who only check out the profiles of the very, top, most gorgeous single women in these websites.  They declare that they want those who look like top-models.  However, there are two things you need to ask yourself about this: first, why wouldn’t such a sexy bombshell be able to find a perfectly good match for herself in Russia or the Ukraine?  The answer to that is that they are fully capable of finding great men and are not, in the least bit, interested in a foreign man.  The second question to ask yourself – and be honest – is this one:  what qualities do you have in order to seduce very beautiful Russian women from an eastern country who are 20 to 25 years younger than you?  If you a good answer to this one, then by all means, go ahead and contact her – if her profile is real.  Just remember that in most cases, this is not even a real profile and you have chances of stumbling on a scammer.  At times it is not even a woman contacting you, but a man.  Be careful because this is almost surely a scam.  Remain realistic and you will find an honest, beautiful single Russian woman who is sincere and truly wants to marry you.


There are two sites that we recommend you visit.  The first one is www.ukreine.com.  By visiting the profiles, you will see what types of women are real, honest and sincere.  Next, check out the site antiarnaques.org and you will see who comprises the blacklist of scammers.  This way, you will understand the difference between real and fake profiles.


The second mistake is that the man wants beautiful Russian women to come to his country first.  It’s almost a punishment for men who do not want to do anything!  Scammers use this method to get their money.  A serious, honest woman does not travel to another country to meet a stranger in an unknown place.  Seriously, in most cases, this technique is a scam and is only honest is perhaps one case out of every hundred.  This means you should be ready to travel.


Lastly, another major error is to take the time to make a trip, but correspond only with one woman prior to getting on the plane.  You could end up arriving in her country and find out she is not the one for you, even if she is a nice woman.  What will you do for the rest of your stay?  It is best to have a few others lined up to make sure you are not wasting your money and your time.  Try to meet as many women as you can to maximize your chances by contacting those who are all in the same area.  Do not schedule a meeting with one in Kharkiv and another in Russia!  It will take you a couple of days for traveling and you could lose precious time and money.  Therefore, keep the distance short by selecting women from the same or neighboring cities.


Of course, all profiles at ukreine.com are verified and the women live in the same city.  This advice is for men who use other sites (either in conjunction with yours or not).