Meet the girls from our group dating event

Men who were not able to attend the November 1 group dating event and saw the videos of it were very interested in some women who participated.

So what happens to the ladies who participated but did not find their love?

About a week after the party we contact women who did not find the man they were looking for and we ask them to register on our site, so you will see some of them on this page

But if you can not find the profile of the woman that interests you on the page above, please review the videos with the girls who participated at the party and tell us which one interests you.

We will identify her and will contact her to inform her of the interest from your part.

But of course the winning strategy is to participate in the next group dating event in person as you are guaranteed to meet dozens of women who you will like, to exchange contacts, to meet again the next day...

The date of the next party is February 14, 2019, if you want to know more, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to the group dating event.

It will be wonderful to meet the woman of your dreams on Valentine’s Day !!!