I’d like to invite a Ukraine girl to my country.

This is an excellent idea because just the correspondence serves little purpose.
But if you think that getting a Ukrainian woman to come to you first is the
сheapest and more efficient solution I must disappoint you

1. The majority of scams follow the pattern: I write to a man – I fall in love with him – I want to come to his country – I ask for money for the trip – I disappear

2. Even if you are in contact with a woman via our dating and marriage site that guarantees that the Ukraine girl is real and motivated you must understand that
A. Some Ukraine girls will be afraid to go to a foreign country to a man they have never seen
B. There is no guarantee that the Ukraine girl you are inviting is the one of your dreams and inviting one by one Ukraine girls can be a costly task

Our dating agency in Kharkov, Ukraine organizes travel for Ukraine girl but it happens quite rarely, for example if you’re a businessmen who prefer to pay more but not to waste time for travel, or if you are aerofobic.

But of course that the most effective and the least expensive way is to come once in Ukraine, do several meetings and then invite the Ukraine girl with who it worked best to your country.