Difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls

Do you ever compared beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women? Do you thought who is better in appearance and character, who is a better wife? If yes, you will find answers on all your questions. Ukrainian women: are they different from Russian women? If yes, what is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women? In this vlog you will discover all the details about mentality and habits of Russian and Ukrainian women.

I’ll start with the appearance:

Russian women are more “Nordic” with blue eyes and red / blond hair, the features are fine. If we compare them with seasons it’s rather winter, the beginning of spring.

Ukrainian women are similar to southern women. The lines are more expressive, the colors are full of contrasts (e. g. black hair and green eyes). They are similar to the summer.


Russian woman is discreet, patient, she can forgive most things for her man. They are more geared to the household, to the secondary role in the family. Their own happiness is sometimes less important than the happiness of the family.

Ukrainian women are more rebellious, disobedient, freedom-loving, have more temperament. She will always claim her rights with a man, they will quarrel to prove their point of view, take the primary role in the family, control the situation, combine work and household.

We can not say who is better, it depends on taste. And of course these traits are not a verdict, each woman is individual and may not have all these characteristics which are a little bit hyperbolic.

The divorce statistics show that it is almost the same in both cases, which proves one more time that everything depends on each concrete situation and not on nationality.

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