40. What is the truth about online ukrainian dating sites and russian marriage agencies and the difference with the ones in your country


Comparison of the various kinds of ukrainian dating sites and Russian marriage agencies.  What happens when they are local, in your country, or a mix of both.  The problems that could arise in each one and the benefits of finding the best for you.



There are important differences between international Russian marriage agencies in your country and the ones that are in other countries.  There are a few details that need to be explained for you to understand what those differences are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


Typically, the international Russian marriage agencies in western countries are owned, run and directed by couples who are from two different countries.  Normally, the man is from your country and the woman is Russian or Ukrainian.  The way that it typically works is that they create a website, then they sign contracts and agreements with online Ukrainan dating sites.  This makes them ‘middle-men’ between you (the client) and the local agencies.  What does this mean?  There are a few important advantages.  First, there is someone real and physical that you can meet, talk to, and refer to if need be.  However, the downside (and this is a major one) is that it is very expensive, often going as high as several thousand dollars, to pay for their services.  Furthermore, they do not always know what goes on in the local Ukrainian dating sites.  As honest as they are, they cannot guarantee that the activities of the offices in Russia and the Ukraine are sincere.  At times, those local agencies purposely find ways to post profiles of sexy and gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls that are real, but they are not motivated and do not want to marry a western man – and this, just to attract more men.


As for Russian marriage agencies that are strictly located in these eastern countries, the services are much more affordable.  But, here, the difficulty is to find a good one.  If you try to meet a wonderful woman and there are issues, you cannot go there and try to resolve it.  They are registered only in their country, so no one will help you.


Then, there are the free online dating sites or the ones with a monthly membership.  These sites are inexpensive, but saturated with scammers.


So, what is the solution?  Well, that depends on many factors such as your budget.  If you ask what we recommend, we will say our own Ukrainian dating site, ukreine.com, which is very different from others of its kind.  It has a local office in the Ukraine on top of being registered in Canada (incorporated, actually).  We take full responsibility for our activities and the rates are fairly low because most of the work is done from the office in Ukraine.  Therefore, we are a blend of different kinds of agencies – a local with a representative in Canada who has no middle-man.  Our rates are low like local ones, with the advantages of direct communication, and legal guarantees of the agencies in your own country.


The choice is yours.  Choose which is best for you!