Visa, passport to invite a Russian or Ukrainian woman to Western Europe

How to make a charming Russian or Ukrainian lady come to your country (Germany, UK, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and other).

Every day many foreigners arrive to Ukraine to meet beautiful Russian women whose charm and kindness are well known around the world. Vast majority of online interactions lead to an actual meeting, and quite often men ask the question how to invite his Ukrainian date or Russian date  to their home country. In theory it is not difficult, and requires only a purchase of an airfare and a visa. However, while buying a plane ticket is straight forward, obtaining a visa could be more complicated (as there are instances when a visa is refused). Thus it should be taken into account before a journey is planned.

Listed below are factors that can positively influence an embassy’s decision regarding a visa:

  1. A woman from Russia or Ukraine has previous Schengein visas
  2. A Russian or Ukrainian woman has a well paid work (at least 300 euro per month)
  3. A Russian or Ukrainian girl is a student (except last year of studies)
  4. A Russian or Ukrainian bride has a child who will stay in Russia or Ukraine during her trip
  5. A Ukrainian and Russian woman dating you processes real-estate or the other property.

If a woman has three or more of these factors you can begin the formalities.

First,  you will need a photocopy of the first page of the international passport of the Russian or Ukrainian woman.

Second, you will need it to write an invitation letter and send the original to the women. The original of the invitation letter along with other papers such as a visa form with a photo, workplace certificate, the health insurance, plane tickets will to be submitted to the embassy of your country. The short-stay visa application can be reviewed for up to 90 days.

Please keep in mind, however, that even if all the documents are in order, an embassy reserves the right to refuse the visa.

If the woman from Ukraine or Russia has less than 2 favorable elements it would be better to evade the risk and to receive the visa via a travel agency.

A Russian or Ukrainian woman can buy a tourist journey for your country or in another state of Schengen area. The cost of one week journey will be approximately 800-1400 euro and varies according to the season or 200-600 euros for just a visa. The price includes plane tickets, a hotel room, transfers, insurance. The Embassy requires the same documents for a package as for an individual journey by invitation.

Once again, please note that that the request of the visa by a travel agency does not guarantee the delivery of the visa but chances are very high, more than 90%. If a visa is refused most travel agencies refund money.

If your relationship with you Russia or Ukraine date has become serious and you think about Russian marriage, your bride may seek the fiancée visa. The privilege of this type of visa is that it is never refused and that after the arrival of the Russian or Ukrainian lady in your country you will have 3 months to make a decision before becoming your Ukrainian wife. The inconvenience is that documents package is rather complicated and the preparation requires 3-4 months.

Thus, you have three options to invite a Russian or Ukrainian woman. You can consult the site of our Ukraine dating and marriage agency to analyze the documentation and ask supplementary questions.