7. Your security when traveling to Kharkiv, Ukraine



What details you need to know about safety in Ukraine.  How to prevent from getting into dangerous situations.  What to know about that area in order to travel safely.



You do not know the eastern wonder that is Ukraine, and it is definitely understandable that you want to make sure that you will be safe while you are traveling there.  Even the prospect of meeting the most beautiful women of the world are not enough to make every man feel as though this is the best option for them.  Of course, the events of 2015 – linked to Crimea and Russia – make people anxious. The sight of pictures in the newspaper and on TV of armed forces about this terrible occurrence are good reasons to remain cautious and not jump into a situation without first verifying the risks involved.

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Of course, it is highly recommended to avoid that area because of the political situation surrounding it.  Russians lay claim on it but the rest of the world declared it Ukrainian.  Anyways, it is difficult to attain it because of jurisdictional issues.  Afterwards, there are two other areas to avoid in the eastern regions:  Donetsk and Luhansk (which are called “oblasts”) which are difficult to reach for foreigners (or it was that way in 2016, anyways). The rest of Ukraine is very safe and you only have to use the same safety measures you would in any city where there is at least a minimum of crime (which includes all large cities in the world).  The office of our Ukraine marriage agency is in Kharkiv and it is as secure now (in 2017) as it was in 2006.  Therefore, there are no risks of traveling in any city or town, except the two areas mentioned, in this charming eastern European country.


If you wish to be reassured, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with contact information of some of the men who have already flown to Ukraine to meet their lovely prospect wives in order to get a testimony from them (they authorized us to give their personal data).  They were successful and got back home safely.  Most spent 7 to 10 days there.  We have many of them traveling every month and there have been very little incidents (there are always the rare cases where foreigners have minor issues where they have their wallets stolen, but it is far from the norm).  The situation in the oblast where our office is located, we hope, will not change in the near future.  We also wish to see all areas become safe so that you would be able to see them in their true light.  In the meantime, there are 21 other safe regions that you can visit and your trip will surely be a pleasant and enriching experience.  To meet one of our beautiful, available and single ladies who want to marry and start a family with a western man like you, you will have to come and see them for yourself!  Watch the videos for more information on why the opposite method – where the woman visits your country first – is a sure failure. One way or the other, you will have to meet that beautiful woman of your dreams in her home country; so why not do it this year?