22. Your first meeting with hot russian women: Tips and tricks on organizing your trip


A step-by-step guide to prepare for your trip to the Ukraine and Russian girl  marriage.  What the international marriage agency, ukreine.com, has to offer.  The simplicity of booking your trip through this company.



You found a few hot Russian women by contacting them through an online dating website or an international marriage agency.  You are now ready to meet them, you are interested by Russian girl marriage but how do you plan your trip to one of these eastern countries to meet the one who may become your bride?


The good news is that, if you go through the online international marriage agency ukreine.com, all you need to think about is one single thing:  your plane ticket.  That’s it.  We pick you up at the airport to take you to the hotel and if your flight is delayed, no worries!  We’ll wait for you.  You won’t have to be alone for any period of time at the airport.  We’ll drive you to your hotel or the apartment you rented.  Most men choose flights that arrive in the evening or during the night, so usually there is nothing special to do at that point in time.  Some are a bit anxious to start meeting the lovely ladies they corresponded with through our website and have their first date the very same day they arrive.  It’s up to you.  It all depends on your arrival time and other little things, like your choice of activities during your trip or whether or not you need your first day to relax in your room or to catch up with a bit of work.


The next day, you come to our office to meet our staff.  One employee will be assigned to you who is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English.  This person is available to help you out during your entire stay in the Ukraine: Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipro.  She will be your guide, your interpreter, and help you out with a few other things.


After, the meetings begin and you can have one or two meetings per day.  You have the option of scheduling a second meeting with each woman if you want to because perhaps seeing them once was not sufficient to get to know them well enough to make your final decision.  The interpreter can also help you out because she knows most of these wonderful, single hot Russian women and a follow-up usually gives you crucial details.  She knows most of them very well because the women need to come to the office in order to sign up for the website.  She’s seen them all at least once and can tell you if your date went well or not, and tell you what you could do to make it go better the next time.  Also, she can guide you for the choice of activities with the gorgeous woman you are spending time with, such as the opera, another type of show, the restaurants that are recommended (this is to help create a natural, first-date atmosphere).  If the woman you are getting to know to see if she could be your bride speaks enough English, you may forgo the interpreter for the second and third date.  If there is any free time left over, you can also check out the local guided tours offered to tourists in the area.


Basically, you won’t be alone, and you won’t be bored at all during your stay!  Furthermore, remember that our goal is the same one as yours:  for you to meet the right woman to become your bride.  After your trip is over, we take you back to the airport and we part ways when you cross the gate.  So, rest assured that this is easy, secure, interesting, affordable and, most of all, effective.