43. Why Russian singles want to marry a western man


The reasons why a beautiful Russian singles would consider becoming your bride.  What your chances are really like if you wish to meet one and eventually marry her.


The percentage of beautiful Russian singles from Russia and the Ukraine who sincerely wish to marry a man from a western country.  The explanation as to why a bride from these eastern European countries is better than other women.  The best strategy to adopt in order to succeed.



This is a question that comes up quite often in the online international dating world:  why do such gorgeous Russian singles want to marry a man from another country, like the United-States?  Also, what is the percentage of them who accept becoming an American man’s bride?  Well, the answer can be very interesting for you, and perhaps not what you would expect.


The sad truth in these online dating websites is that there are a lot of scammers who give the impression that all of these beautiful Russian singles want nothing more than an American man, no matter what he looks like and no matter how old he is.  However, this does not reflect the reality at all.  Even those who do not post any pictures on their profiles and limit the amount of details about themselves get many emails within 24 hours – perhaps up to 20 or 30.  The communication will keep going and as long as you pay for a subscription to the website, women will be interested in you.  Since most of these sites offer translation services for your messages, the people doing them are paid for it.


Those who work in this field but put a lot of effort to ensure that their database of profiles are occupied strictly by real, motivated and sincere Ukrainian or Russian brides can tell you that only approximately 10 or 15% of the single women from these countries wish to marry a foreign man.  Out of that amount, approximately 50% of them want to consider an American man.  Therefore, of all the wonderful single girls from Russia or the Ukraine, only 5% would accept becoming an American’s bride.  This only proves that a site filled with top-models in bikinis who speak with pretty much any man is definitely filled with fraudulent activity.


That being said, your best bet when it comes to proving that the one you are contacting is a sincere and honest woman who truly wants to be your wife is to travel to Russia or the Ukraine and meeting them in person.  Of course, there is always a slight chance that this is a scam – but only a very, very small one (maybe 2%).  Normally, if you are talking with the pretty single woman directly, you are with someone who is actually considering living with you permanently.


On another note, are Russian women actually a good choice for American men?  Well, the differences in mentality between people in the US and in eastern European countries are not that big.  Mainly, they think alike on many aspects of life.  Single women from the Ukraine have a culture that is much closer to American culture than, say, an Asian or an African bride.


Furthermore, when it comes to their values, they are very family-oriented and live with traditional values that most American women no longer support.  The type of family life they appreciate is much closer to the one your parents or even your grandparents had instead of the one that modern families value today.


As for the actual search for a Russian bride, it can be difficult due to the vast amount of fake profiles and scammers out there.  Of course, there are online dating websites and international marriage agencies that offer a great choice of beautiful single Russian women who are sincerely interested in becoming your wife, but you have to be vigilant and look for the clues that will indicate if this is the sort of site that will scam you.  Your best bet is to actually travel to Russia or the Ukraine.  If you do the opposite – invite that woman to your home – that is where you have high risks of actually being ripped off.  This is because you don’t actually meet the woman first, so it is easy for her to start asking you for money by saying that she is in love with you, wants to meet you, but cannot pay for her flight.  She will also claim to have many financial difficulties and ask for money to pay medical bills (mainly for her family), legal problems, and so on.


The safe way to do this is to actually go to the home country of the beautiful single women you would like to meet.  That way, not only will you see them face-to-face and better gauge whether they are truly interested in you, but you will also have the chance to see first-hand how they live and what their home is like, on top of being able to meet several (some choose up to five women) and pick the one that fits your criteria for a bride.  You will be able to see them more than once if you like in order to learn more about them and compare them to one another.  Then, you can spend the rest of your trip with the one you like best and get to know her well.


This is the best strategy and one that has proven itself often.  Please be vigilant and do not be afraid to look for your future bride!