What makes ukrainian and russian mail order brides so enticing to western men.

What do gorgeous, Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides have that make them the ideal wife for western men.  What kind of mentality do these men seek in a bride.  Why do they prefer them over women from other destinations.

There is something to be said about dating beautiful Russian mail order brides that just keeps western men attracted to them.  What is that little something, that little “je-ne-sais-quoi”, that makes them so irresistible that some men are willing to sign up for an international marriage agency, then travel thousands of miles in order to meet them?  It is no secret that they are known to be the target of many bachelors looking for love in eastern countries.


The first reason, and the easiest one to notice, is the beauty of the Russian mail order brides.  It is true that they are stunning and that makes them, of course, a tempting choice for a bride.


The second one is their level of education.  They are actually very well educated; most have post-secondary degrees which means that many of them learn a new language very quickly and can find a job easily in a new country.  They will also adapt relatively quickly to their new life, normally creating a new circle of friends without too much difficulty.


However, the most important one remains the fact that they follow the traditional family values that some western women have let go off after they started becoming emancipated.  In the 1960s and 70s, this was something that was still the norm amongst female circles, but a lot has changed during the years and the gorgeous women from Russia and the Ukraine remain the same because they did not choose to evolve as western women have.  Family life is very different now in North America and many European countries than it was during that period of time, but Russian and Ukrainian single girls still want to live with the same values.  They still appreciate maintaining the male and female roles in the household.


Although there are other areas in the world where this type of mentality still prevails (such as Asia and Africa), there is still something that makes pretty Russian and Ukrainian women more attractive to western men than the women in these other continents.  The fact that they have similar mentalities as many western people makes it easy for them to find their place in a new country.  Other than the traditional male/female roles at home, they think quite the same as those living in Canada, the US and many European countries.  It is still a country that belongs to Europe, so they follow many of the same ways of thinking.  Taking a person from Africa and bringing her to Europe, Canada or the US could make things a bit more difficult – they may need quite a lot more time to adapt, if they do so.  Finding a job might be a bit hard, and making new friends could take a bit more time.


All these reasons explain why many men like the idea of being with a woman who follows traditional family values, yet comes from a country – like Russia or the Ukraine – where women have mentalities that are still fairly similar to theirs.  On top of that, they are young, beautiful and well-educated women and girls.