35. What you should expect from a russian or ukrainian online dating agency


A detailed guide to tell you which Ukrainian online dating sites and international marriage agencies contain profiles of real, honest, beautiful single Russian and Ukrainian women, and are not filled with scammers.  How to tell the two of them apart.


What guarantees do you have when you are signing up for a Ukrainian online dating agency or an international marriage agency from Russia?  Will you have the chance to meet a beautiful single Russian woman, like they advertise?


The first and most important thing to consider is whether or not this website or ukrainian online dating agency has real profiles of sincere, honest, single girls who are there to meet you and not take your money from you.  The best way is to find out if they verify each and every one of them.  Being a real person is not enough; these fabulous young women need to be motivated and truly wish to find love in another country.


Very often, however, it is not the case.  There are quite a lot of local websites and agencies that create a series of profiles and use them as a hook to reel you in – single men, like yourself – and make them pay money.  Take, for example, the owner of the the Ukrainian online dating agency ukreine.com.  He knows immediately, almost 100% of the time, if an online dating website is a fake one or not just by looking at the profile pictures.  If you are still unsure how to do this, you can always ask him by sending him an email.  He will tell you if a certain database has real women from Russia or the Ukraine or if it is full of fake profiles created by scammers.


The second way to know if a website is run by frauds is to verify if there are testimonials.  Do an online search and you will find out if there are people who talk about it.  You can also try to see if the website is willing to provide contact information of men in your area (with their permission, of course) to find out if they have had success using that particular online dating site.  Or, you can view video testimonials from clients of this agency.  Another thing that helps is to verify if the company is registered in your country or in a developed one (not Russia or Ukraine) because this is a way to see if the owners are honest people and international legislation protects you if the company is registered in more than one place.  It also helps if you can check their phone number and address (see if it is real) to make sure that it is not just a virtual company, but has a physical office as well, where you can get in touch with a representative or the owner, ensuring that if something happens, he accepts responsibility.


If you find a company that meets all these criteria, then this is a place that you can trust because it is honest.