19. The russian mail order brides online scam: how to avoid being the victim of a fraud

What are the details of a great new project website that helps you avoid being scammed by Russian brides online.  What to do in order to get started and what services are available.  Which ones are free and which one needs to be paid, and why.  What are the advantages of using these services.

This article will talk about a very important part of the search for your future beautiful eastern Europe and Russian mail order bride online:  scam protection and how to avoid being a victim.  There is a project created by the owner of the website ukreine.com in order to help reduce scamming activity in the online international marriage and dating field, which is antiarnaques.org.  This is a project that is important in order to help limit the amount of scams that come from countries like Russia and the Ukraine.  It has a few different parts that work to help keep you safe.  Here are some of the details of that website that could help you stay away from the fake mail order Russian brides online that want your money as well as help the others avoid the same problem.

The first part is the blacklist where the names of known scammers are added when they are discovered.  This includes the pictures of the ones who have already tried to scam someone, their email address, their first and last name, and samples of the messages they typically send. You can search according to all these criteria and this service is absolutely free.

The second section is the forum, where people can share both positive and negative experiences with online dating and international marriage agencies (both real and fraudulent).

Another part that is unique is the verification of the identity of a mail order bride you are in contact with.  Let’s say you are contacting a great girl, and you believe that the correspondence from this wonderful-looking girl seems suspicious to you, or you would like to invite her to your country in order to meet her in person, you didn’t find her on Skype but did not find her name on the blacklist either, and you want to make sure that she is honest before taking any steps with her.  The blacklist is very extensive but of course, it does not include every single scammer out there (there is a small delay processing the information we receive) – and anyways, some of them change their names – the blacklist is not 100% full-proof even if it is a great tool.  Basically, if she is not on that blacklist, she is not necessarily a scammer.  This is why there is another service meant to verify the identification of Ukrainian and Russian women.  The work is done by subcontractors and takes about 1 or 2 business days to get the information you need before you invite that beautiful girl from Russia or the Ukraine to your home country or send money to her (as it is always risky to send money if you never met this person).  We can help you understand if this person is a scammer or not, and who she truly is:  if she’s working and if she is, where, if she’s studying, whether she has a criminal record or not, and so on.

Therefore, this site acts as a great “wall” (or filter) in order to find the right one for you – by avoiding scammers!  The service of the website makes it very difficult for a fraudulent person to steal your money.  All the elements of this project are free except for the official verification service in order to pay for the subcontractors.  So, if you are considering sending approximately 1000$ to a beautiful woman, it is worth the small 50$ fee to make sure you are not giving it away for free to a scammer before you do.  You will avoid being robbed such a large fee.  Therefore, do not hesitate to start a search on this link, antiarnaques.org, in order to remain safe.