15. Do you need to shower those special, wonderful russian beauties with gifts?


Where to set the limits and boundaries on your first date.  When is it appropriate to give a small gift, or a larger gift.  What time in the relationship is it fine to start giving more expense presents and to give her money she could need.


Many men want to know if it is possible to send a few small tokens of appreciation to the single Russian or Ukrainian beauty (or Russian or Ukrainian beauties) they would like to seduce.  However, because there is often the worry of being scammed, they do not know how to proceed.  This is, at times, not very clear, and it is understandable that some men remain uncertain as to what is the correct thing to do.

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Some of the great profiles you see in online dating websites, those with gorgeous and sexy pictures, could very well belong to ordinary women and perhaps even men who only want to scam you.  Therefore, the risk of being taken advantage of (or even abused in some cases) are there.  Some of these spectacular Russian beauties will egg you on just to receive gifts and, at times, money.  So, the question of knowing the right balance between being attentive to the one you contact online by email and being careful because of a possible scam is real and quite delicate, but there is a way around that.

One very easy way to avoid the possibility of a fraud is to sign up on ukreine.com. The wonderful  Ukrainian beauties there are real, serious, want to get married and found a family.  They are all asked to present themselves at the local office and therefore, the owner assures you they are real single women who are looking for a spouse.  When the interpreters are with you and the one you contacted online, and they notice that the woman in question is asking for too many things, the profile is usually deleted.  However, this happens only on seldom occasions (very, very rarely) because we ask them questions and verify their level of maturity before letting them sign up (there are application forms to fill out as well).

Now, let’s take the example of a birthday coming up.  You want to do something special for the Russian single you have been contacting for a while by sending her a surprise by mail.  You want to let her know you care.  Should you send her something by mail? Well, you can definitely send her a little something to show your appreciation, yet keep it at a maximum of 100$.  For a Ukrainian woman, that will mean a lot to her, and you won’t overspend your budget.

As for when you are meeting the Russian singles in person for the first time, you need to bring small presents for them.  This way, you are showing them that you are generous, attentive, and you want to be with them.  However, if one asks you for something like a new suit, this sort of purchase is a scam.  You are not yet officially a couple, therefore you do not need to get her this type of gift.  Furthermore, at this stage of the relationship, the gift should come from you, and she should not be asking for it.  But, as time progresses and you proceed with the relationship, you could eventually start giving her this type of item.  Her revenue is likely not very high and you may very well be the one who will support her.  She may need English classes, or perhaps another type of course. It is normal to give her some money for a few things.  Just keep in mind that this comes later in the relationship, and not during the first few dates, where you are not yet certain if it will become permanent.