39. What it means when young, hot sexy mail order russian brides contacts fifty-year-old men

What are the ways you can know if you are about to be scammed.  How online dating websites work to get your money.  Why you should remain realistic when you search through the profiles of young hot mail order Russian brides.


There is one major problem that we need to address yet again, and this time, it is dedicated to men who are fairly advanced in age – a main target for online dating website scammers.  It is crucial to talk about  it because we hope to help slow this issue that is repeated itself often, and it is not only because the ones who created the profiles can end up stealing your money.


Imagine that you are a fifty-year-old man and you are browsing the profiles of very sexy young mail order russian brides.  You start contacting a wonderful single girl who is twenty-five-years-old and within about two months, she declares that she is in love with him and believes that he is special, unique, wonderful, and the ideal man for her.  Shortly afterwards, she starts asking him for money.  However, he finds out that she is on the blacklist for scammers on antiarnaques.org because he verified her before sending her money.  But, he finds the ad for ukeine.com, then tries to open a profile on that international marriage agency’s website.  However, this man now believes that he can seduce very beautiful and young mail order Russian brides when in fact, the person behind that profile might not even be a woman, and probably not that young, either.


The problem here is that afterwards, the man is disillusioned into believing that he can have such a sexy, bikini-clad girl from Russia or the Ukraine and ends up asking for the same type through UkReine:  a blond, young, beautiful, ample bosom, top-model girl.  Is this realistic? Not at all!  His response, however, is that the agency is not good because he thinks that he managed elsewhere to find that type of woman and he expects the same from us – even though the first one was a scam.  What happens then is that he starts to say that the problem is that UkReine advertises beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women but does not have them and do not help their clients.  He then chooses to go elsewhere.


So, the story starts over with him.  We know this is the case because we tried to verify if things can really be that unrealistic, and they are.  We created a profile on one of those scamming websites and indicated that the person is fifty-years-old, without posting a picture.  The inbox was regularly filled with dozens of messages from those same types of women, saying that this man was perfect for them, that they loved him, and so on.  These sites are paying sites, so these men end up forking over their cash (for the record, we did not do that).  When it is time to meet him, however, they stop writing or tell him that they met someone else.  The man lost his time and money for nothing.


Please, be realistic.  If you are fifty-years-old, don’t expect spring chicks to write you.  You can find a good-looking forty-year-old, perhaps even thirty-five-year old single woman who will please you.