37. The pros and cons of searching for beautiful russian women photos on facebook or skype

Why you should not rely on social networks and Skype to find Russian women photos you like and if  you’d like to date the person on them.  How to look for women from eastern countries.  What makes Facebook a terrible option when you try to contact them to seduce them.


There are men who contact us and ask us an important question which needs to be answered by the right people.  They say that they could very well find a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman – without using the help of an international marriage agency – for free, so why pay for this sort of service?  If they can see many beautiful Russian women photos and contact lovely single girls from Russia or the Ukraine directly on Skype or Facebook, why pay for an intermediary?


Is it true that this method – using a free service like a social network or Skype – actually works?  Theoretically, you can try to contact them that way and perhaps, in some rare cases, it could work.  However, if we take a good, close look at this, we will show you that it does not produce the desired results in many cases.


Let’s take Facebook for this example because your chances are much more limited with Skype.  If we even consider Skype, we need to understand that only 15% of people in Russia use it.  If we deduct, from that number, all those who are men, then the women who are not available or looking for a western man, on top of all the Russian women do not have photos on each profile, you are left with almost no chances at all.  Facebook, which is better, your have Russian women photos there, but is still far from being the most popular social network in Russia.  It is either in second or third place.  This means that there are probably only about 25% of women in Russia who own a Facebook account.  From that number, we have to deduct all those who are married, too young or too old, and we are left with perhaps only 5% of women.  Of that percentage, we have to consider that only 15% of all Russian women want to marry a foreigner.  This means that out of about 100 stunning women from that great eastern country you try to contact, only 1 might be a potential prospect because they could be interested in dating a man from another country – but not necessarily you.  This means that she might not even reply to you.  To top it off, if you are not in her friend list, your message goes to the ‘spam’ folder in Facebook and maybe only 5% of people even read those messages.


Your chances of winning the heart of an eastern beauty through this method are extremely low – almost nonexistent.  The only advantage is that your risks of landing on a fake profile – a scammer – are low as well.  You can also verify if this woman has friends, when the profile was created, and if there is social activity or not.  But that is all.


In summary, Skype and Facebook are great ways to stay in touch with someone if you already know them, or just to see beautiful Russian women photos but it is an awful tool to meet people with the purpose of finding a spouse.  The agency ukreine.com uses Facebook advertisement services and knows that the percentage of women who want to sign up to such an international marriage agency through Facebook are small.  After all, it’s a social network, not an online dating site.  Therefore, don’t get your hopes up when you browse their pictures.  However, if a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian bride is what you want, then visit our website and you will have much more possibilities available to you.  You will have the chance to have Skype conference calls with our website.  Plus, you have the guarantee that they are real, honest single women who are truly interested in getting married with a western man.  The success ratio is high for those who keep their search criteria realistic.