31. A surefire way to punish the mail bride who tries to scam you online with profiles of beautiful ukrainian or russian women


Step-by-step information on the ways to punish an online mail bride.  How to avoid being scammed again.  The ways the site antiarnaques.org works to protect people from scammers.  Promoting the fraud’s profile to increase scam visibility.


This is a subject that seems to be very controversial in the online dating universe:  what to do if you fall on a scammer.  If you have not had time to watch the videos or read the articles provided by the online international marriage agency, urkeine.com, and you have been scammed or believe you might be in contact with a scammer, what can you do?  Is there a way to get your money back?  Or, how can you punish this online mail bride?


Unfortunately, truth be told, you can’t get your money back.  There is actually no way to get a refund if you are scammed because the mail bride who stole your money (this could very well be a man as well as a woman) is in Russia (nine times out of ten, they are Russian), and you would have to file the complaint in that language on top of hiring a local Russian lawyer.  Plus, this sort of scam is difficult to prove because you willingly sent your money and the difference between a fraudulent activity and aiding someone financially is not big.  This scammer could very well state that it was good will on your part or that her intentions were only to receive money to help her financially.


Now, since this process is very long and complex, it may be better to just punish her instead.  You will have to let go of your hard-earned money and instead, teach her (or him) a lesson.  The first step is to have this person’s name added to the blacklist on the antiarnaques.org website.  This way, others will know that she is a known scammer.  The most important details to add in that list are her first and last names.  This is because someone had to pick up your money at Western Union, so we are dealing with a real person.  The things that are probably false on the profile account are surely the pictures, the age, and all other details that are easy to lie about.  Some may even be ‘middle-people’ who don’t even know that this is a scam, but receive 5% of the total amount and give the money over to someone else entirely.  It could be a person who is in dire financial need (such as a student or a retiree), so your dollars may very well be put to good use (but this is still wrong, of course).  Afterwards, the other things that are important are the email address, the pictures used for the profile, as well as samples of the messages this person sends out.  Hit like on the site with the scam list as well as this person’s profile in order to make it visible in search engines and share it as much as you can – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, everywhere you can think of – to make it as visible as possible so that if others want to sincerely meet a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian bride, they can use this list to protect themselves when they search for her name on Google (before sending her money, hopefully!).   These steps ensure that the scammer must change her entire identity in order to be able to scam again or find someone else to do it for her.  This takes quite a lot of time and it has very good chances of discouraging people from starting over.  This way, scammers’ work will become much less effective and could eventually be reduced enough to make this type of online dating safe again.


The most important way to remain safe from scammers, though, is to never send money to someone you have not met in person.  If you have any questions regarding dating scams, go to ukreine.com and send an email message.