12. What is the budget needed to plan an international dating and marriage process

Details of the plan you need to make.  Information on the different costs starting from  online Ukraine dating sites and  international dating Russian agencies, to your trip, to the visas and other important costs.  Reminders of what expenses could come after your beautiful Ukrainian or Russian spouse moves in with you.

Here is a detailed explanation of the budget you need to plan in order to marry a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman that you will meet, be it through our online international marriage agency or not, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Of course, there are major differences in price when you compare the many online Ukraine dating sites and  international dating Russian agencies, some traditional ones going as high as 4500$ for an annual contract or for monthly fees.  Therefore, the rates mentioned in this video are based on the website www.ukreine.com and you can adjust according to the site you choose (although after seeing this video, you may want to switch to UkReine as your dating website).  This site does not charge any monthly or annual fees, has no contracts, with few paid services:  translations of the letters (which is optional) and actual messages.  By using this site, you don’t even have to correspond with the beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman (or women) you wish to meet to see if one of the could be your perfect wife, because the option to show your profile to the ladies of your choice is entirely free.  This is how it works:  you send us a list of up to 20 names of the single women you believe could become your spouse, and the employees working at the agency show them your profile.  The ones who are interested reply back and we then send you their username.  At this point, you can immediately start to organize your trip to this great eastern country in order to meet these gorgeous girls and see which one will create sparks for you.  If you prefer, you can contact them, which requires you to pay, but it is not expensive.  On average, it costs approximately 100$ to send about 15-20 letters (on both sides), so this is not much.


Then, your next expense is an obvious one:  the trip to Ukraine.  You need to purchase the plane ticket, and a round-trip airfare from the United-States is between 500-1000$ and from many European countries, the cost is about half of that.  As for the actual stay in the Ukraine, the agency takes care of everything if you select the “all-inclusive” package, which includes airport transfer, accommodation, dating, unlimited interpreter services, unlimited meetings, and driver.  The price is only 170$ per day of your stay, making this a very affordable option.  Of course, you will have other expenses to cover such as restaurants, attractions, theater, or any small trip you would like to do while you are there.  This is not at all expensive, but it remains approximately 50-100$ per day, depending on what you choose to do.  It is often more or less than that, according to your personal preferences.


The next part of the process is to invite the wonderful girl you may want to marry to your home land.  Of course, this will cost you the price for airfare, the visa, probably some translation expenses, which are usually not too costly.


The last part is usually the most expensive one.  If you both agree that you want to get married, and in order to allow her to live with you eventually, you will need either a fiancee visa or a permanent resident visa (a tourist one will not be sufficient).  This is quite a lengthy process that can take around 6 months to a year to complete – at times a year and a half – depending on how you proceed:  by yourself, with a lawyer (who will charge, normally, around 5000 dollars) or through an agency.  If you do it yourself, you avoid the agency and lawyer fees and only have to absorb the charges for translating official documents.


In total, your budget should not exceed 10,000$ US.  This article is meant to remind you that finding a beautiful woman in Russia or Ukraine is not only about locating the single girl and falling in love.  You have to plan ahead for the amount of money needed to arrange everything, from the day you meet her to the day she moves in with you.  The first year she lives in your country, remember that she needs a few other things as well:  confirm her diploma, learn English, and rebuild her life in general.