25. When you’ve found your beautiful russian or ukrainian woman : How to make her your wife



Explanation on how to proceed with the actual marriage once your beautiful bride is chosen. Why a wedding in the Ukraine is the easiest option for the ceremony.  What it takes to have the marriage certificate recognized in your country. Why Russian wives are best ones.


When you are done with the process of dating through an international marriage agency, and you wish to move on to the next step – marrying your lovely lady and making her your Ukrainian wife – what do you do? You have been to the Ukraine, she visited you in your home country as well… and you returned a second time to see her.  You’re both sure about this decision.  What are the necessary steps to make it happen?  How does international marriage work? How your Russian wife can live in your country if you married her in Russia or Ukraine?


Well, when you are absolutely certain that this is true love and a wedding is in the air, there are two choices available to you:  marrying her in your country, or going over to her home and having the wedding ceremony there.  Which one is best for you and for your Ukrainian wife?


The suggestion that Ukreine company owner gives his clients is to go to Russia or the Ukraine in order to wed your beautiful girl.  The reason is simple:  it is easier to have the wedding in their eastern home countries.  There are just a few documents needed in order to arrange this, and if you need more information, you only have to contact the employees at www.ukreine.com and they will help you out (and they offer this service for free).


However, there is just one thing that needs to be understood, and this does not really complicate matters:  your marriage will be recognized in Ukraine, but not your home (whether you live in Canada, the US, Europe, and so on).  The next step is quite easy: you request to have it recognized in your country, which means some paperwork to fill out, but it is less hassle than finding the way to make her enter in your country for the necessary amount of time through a travel visa and marrying her there.  If she enters Canada or the US on a travel visa and wants to get married, it looks like an alien trying to stay by marrying someone, but not out of love.  It looks like a lie to immigration.  Some have succeeded by doing it this way in Europe, but it is still preferable to opt for the Ukrainian wedding instead and having the marriage officially recognized in your home country.


When you are married already, and are from Canada or the US, having the marriage officially recognized is usually never refused. Russian and Ukraine wives can be sure to join thier husbands abroad.  After all, it is your right to get married with a woman from another country, if that is what you wish.  This procedure costs a small amount of money and takes time to be processed (as with any form of paperwork), depending on whether you are using a lawyer or an agency, or you are doing everything yourself.  In Canada, a lawyer costs approximately 5,000$ to do this for you, but if you do it yourself, you will only have to pay 1,500$.  It’s almost the same price in the US.  As for the delay for the approval, it could take around 7 months to a year to be done.  Once again, this is general information and if you need more details, contact us.  The email address is on the website.