29. The three things you should look for in a beautiful foreign mail order bride to increase your chances

What makes a beautiful, young, single mail order bride easier to seduce if she does not speak English fluently.  Why you should change your strategy to things that are hard to modify (or impossible).  How you will get better luck finding a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian male order bride.


The search criteria that you use when looking on an online dating website or in an international marriage agency is something that needs to be detailed somewhat.  What do you use to find the perfect future foreign bride?  What do you look for when you browse the young single girls’ profile pictures and information?


Now, it is known that for many, many men, the fact that the foreign bride speaks fluent English seems to be a  very important point to look for before contacting any of them.  It is quite understandable:  it is easier to communicate; you don’t have to pay for translation or interpretation fees; and the first few dates are much more enjoyable that way.  However, there is an important downside to this, and you need to remember it.  For example, a lovely single woman signs up for an online dating website or an international marriage agency.  She speaks English fluently.  Do you think there will be many men writing her or not?  Of course!  She will be inundated with messages from suitors.  Now, what if she subscribes to two or three different websites, including those in the United-States, Canada and Europe?  She will have several hundreds of men interested in meeting her.  You will be just one person amongst hundreds of possible choices.  Try to imagine how much effort you have to put in order to try to impress her and be the one she decides to choose to date and perhaps eventually marry over all of those other choices.


On the other hand, what about a situation where the man does not pay attention to the woman’s level of proficiency in English?  Instead, he checks out her age, her looks, her character, her career, her personality, and other things that are impossible or not easy to change.  He will have much less competition from other men if the gorgeous Russian or Ukrainian woman he is contacting does not speak fluent English.  If he meets her and things go well, he only needs to pay for intensive English courses for approximately three or four months, and she will be fluent enough for the couple to communicate well.


So, why take the risk of having far too much competition, when you can have an easier time and find a woman who only needs to learn English for a few months?  Find the woman who is a perfect match, then worry about the fluency of your native tongue!  This is, by far, a much better strategy (and one known as a winning one).  This, hopefully, will help you in your search to find your perfect match and find your future bride.