34. Should you invite beautiful russian or ukraine singles to your home country first: Europe, US, Canada?

Why it is not a good idea to invite the gorgeous single girl you are contacting to your home in order to meet her.  What you should do instead.  How this encourages scammers to continue their fraudulent activities. 


Many men dream of this type of situation to happen.  They want to see Ukraine singles they see in the pictures in the online dating site profile in person.  They dream about them.  But, is it wise to invite them?  Here are details to let you know what you should do.


Imagine this scenario:  you are sitting on your couch with your laptop and you are contacting beautiful Ukraine sigles.  You decide to invite one of them to your home country and spend time with her. Ideally, she would pay for the plane ticket herself, but she does not have the money to purchase such a luxury.  Therefore, as a gallant man, you offer to pay it yourself.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  You don’t have to do anything (except forking over a few hundred dollars, maybe more) and in a couple of weeks, this stunning single woman will be at your door to be with you, in your home, with all the advantages that come with this.  It’s like a dream come true.


That’s because it is only a dream.  In reality, things happen quite differently.  That sort of dream is what scammers rely on to be able to make you become their next victim.  They use it – this wish to do nothing more than stay on your couch and making the perfect bride appear, just like if you were ordering an item on ebay – to take your money.


Now, the answer to the question that burns your lips:  is it possible to invite a beautiful woman from Russia or the Ukraine to your home country (Europe, US, Canada, Australia)?  The answer is yes, but it comes with a very important condition: you have to go there first.  For the international marriage agency ukreine.com, the reverse case – the one where you do nothing more than invite the girl over to your place – only happens in approximately 3% of them.  One time, the man and woman were in contact for around 6 months before they took that step.  Remember, also, that this is an agency who meets every single woman one at a time before letting them sign up, so for other online dating websites, the percentage is much, much lower.  Otherwise, you have to take the time to travel there, meet the fabulous young woman who you could eventually marry, and show that you are willing to invest your time for her.  Furthermore, women don’t just travel to an unknown country to see a man she has never met.  The perfect wife will never do such a thing because she has to think about her security and her dignity.


As for the advantages of taking the trip yourself first, and traveling to the Ukraine (we do not know about Russia, so we can’t talk about it), you can spend time with a few Ukraine singles that you are in contact with online.  If you wanted to meet all of them to your home country to see them one by one, that is not really logical – it’s better for you to travel there and see all of them at once.  It will take much more time and money to do it in your home.  You don’t even need a visa, just your plane ticket.  From countries in Europe, it is usually approximately 200-300 euros for a round-trip fare, plus it only takes about three hours.  From Canada (Quebec City), it is around 750$, which means about 600$ US (so not bad at all).  This allows you to meet a few women in this great eastern country at once during the first part of your trip.  You can then spend the second part with the woman you like best to see if she could be your bride.  Then, if things work out, you can invite her to your country.  This method is fast and effective!  If you have any questions, go to ukreine.com and send an email.