42. International dating and marriage agencies: the shocking truth.

 The real, but shocking truth, behind the way that some online international dating websites and Russian marriage agencies do business.  How they attract gullible men.  Why you should keep your search for a beautiful Russian bride realistic.


There are a few things that could very well shock you about the online international dating world.  This article pertains specifically to the ones that deal with beautiful single Russian and Ukrainian women and how these businesses manage to make money.  You may be surprised.


Imagine, for just a moment, that you are the proud new owner of one of those agencies yourself and you open an online international dating website.  You are finished with all the required paperwork and several gorgeous single women and girls from the Ukraine set up a profile and add photos.  Then, you wait.  You realise that there are many other companies like yours, and although the great and fabulous women who have signed up in your website are genuine and honest, there aren’t that many – perhaps 10 or 20 of them – and no one contacts them.  What do you do?


You very well know that Google only lets 10 spots appear on their first search result page.  What are your chances of developing your business with that? Unless you want to spend the thousands of dollars required to do all the promotion needed to end up on that page, none.  Plus, you only have just a few profiles.  So, you have to find another solution to your problem.


You have two options.  The first one is to hire a middleman, or a broker, that does all the publicity for you.  They end up being an added contact between the men who wish to date a beautiful Russian woman, and your agency.  The other one is to hire another international dating agency or online website that is located in a country like the US in order to send them the profiles you have on hand.  They take care of showing the profiles to the men who are interested, and when a match is made, they give you his details and you arrange the meeting between him and the selected single woman from your eastern European country.  You choose this option where your profiles meld amongst the thousands that are already there from other international dating and marriage agencies.  However, you still don’t get the desired results because on the websites of the other agencies, there are many stunning women in bikinis or other skimpy-clad girls, and they steal all your thunder.  Although the women on your site are very pretty, they can’t compete.


Now, what do you do?  Your friend happens to be dating one of those sexy top-models and you decide to ask her if she would mind lending you some of her pictures.  You add them, but you are the one who replies to the messages that appear in her account.  This, however, generates revenues, and you keep going.  You contact all men, no matter what they look like, no matter how old they are, and you start getting purchases.  But, if the men end up falling in love and want to meet the stunning beauty they are talking with, you can either make her ‘disappear’ or – to be more polite – you state that suddenly, you are no longer interested.  Better yet, you can actually hire your friend’s girlfriend to play the part of the interested girl.


The men start coming to your country and pay good money to the international dating agency – often around 600$ – for accommodation and to meet the girl.  The sum given to the top-model is minimal compared to that.  Everyone in this picture is happy, except the man who was lied to about the girl.  This one single profile could easily generate around 1,000$ per month!  Therefore, why bother finding more real single women? Why not just keep going this way?  Sadly, this is how many local dating and marriage agencies work because most men in the United-States have no way to know if the person they are contacting is actually a real woman who is interested in marrying them.


This is the main difference with ukreine.com: this company has an office and is registered in Canada, and also has its main office in the Ukraine.  Lying about such a thing while working in Canada is punishable by a jail sentence.  The local agency has a name, a long-standing reputation (almost 20 years), and the employees actually work hard and spend a good deal of money to find real, motivated, beautiful brides in order to get married with a western man.  If you do a Google search, you will not find one negative review about the agency – they are all positive.  Also, those who try to scam you usually close very quickly because they are denounced publicly.  One way to denounce them is to use antiarnaques.org/en , one of the world’s largest fraud lists from international dating agencies.  Once a scammer is found, s/he cannot continue because once the name is blacklisted, no one sends any more money to that person.


Be careful when it comes to local agencies.  Keep your search realistic by looking for real women.