32. Giving english courses to your Ukraine Date.

Details on what to look for when searching for profiles that you browse in online dating sites.  What you can do if  your Ukraine date’s language is not fluent enough yet.  The best way to find your perfect future bride.


When searching in online dating websites or international marriage agencies for the one who could be the Ukraine date of your dreams, your first thought is, without a doubt, to be able to communicate effectively with her.  We all understand the advantages of finding a lovely Russian or Ukrainian bride who already speaks English (or your mother tongue), but there are many reasons why it is better to focus on other, more important elements – the ones that cannot be changed.  This advice is about what you could be looking at instead of looking for someone who speaks the same language as you (and other non-important things, such as the color of her dress in her online profile picture) and why knowing English firsthand is not really that important.


What are the criteria that men should pay attention to when browsing the profiles on online dating websites or international marriage agencies?  Things like the Ukraine date’s age, whether she wants or has children or not, her profession, her character, her preferences, her temperament, and many other aspects are more important things to consider.  Remember that you will want to marry this woman and perhaps have children.


The language she speaks is not one of those elements.  Why?  Because with only approximately three or four months of intensive courses, she will have a sufficient level of English in order to communicate well with you.  On top of this, everyone in the Ukraine learns this language in elementary and high school and often in university as well, so the basics are usually already there.  However, the focus is mainly on translations, so they can read well and translate the text, but it is the speaking and listening skills that need to be practiced.  This means that the purpose of the classes would be solely to take the ‘passive’ skills (reading and writing) and convert them to ‘active’ skills (speaking and listening).  This is much simpler than starting to learn a new language from scratch.


This means that you can focus on finding your perfect match here in the Ukraine and not have to worry about what level of English the woman you are contacting has. You can help her learn this language very easily.  If you have any questions, contact us.