18. Where to look for the dating sites that offer you the chance to find gorgeous russian ladies?

The best ways to avoid scammers and their fake profiles.  How to ensure that you are truly speaking with beautiful, single Ukraine ladies.  Which method gives the very best results. Dating Russian ladies with no rist to be scammed.



It is quite an interesting adventure to search for a reliable online dating website or an international marriage agency where the beautiful Russian ladies are real, honest and willing to marry you.  These eastern lovelies are worth the time and effort put into this, we know that!  So here are tips and tricks in order to find the best places in order to avoid being scammed.


We have to admit that is incredibly difficult, just by looking at the profile of a gorgeous woman from Russia or Ukraine, if the person behind the screen is really her or just someone who wants to steal your money.  However, even though this can seem like it is impossible, there are ways to guess (and be pretty certain) if the one you are speaking with is honest or not.  Here is the advice we have for you to ascertain, in 90% of cases, as to whether or not you will be scammed by beautiful Ukrainian brides.


The first part is to know where to actually look for the profiles that belong to real, honest, single Ukraine ladies who wish to find a spouse.  Now, the website www.ukreine.com has only real women signing up, so the profiles are never owned by scammers.  They are all checked by the marriage agency.  However, this article is not meant to be shameless publicity, so here are the ways to avoid scammer websites.


The first thing is to avoid websites that are not moderated.  If there is no one to weed out the fake profiles, don’t even bother.  You will only waste your time.


The second thing is to quickly take a look at the pictures of the profiles.  If they are mainly stunning top-models aged approximately 18 to 25 years old, then you know that this is an international marriage agency that only wants your money.  This is full of fraudulent activity and you should stay away from these sites.  Women who are that incredibly sexy have a wide array of men to choose from to find a spouse in the Ukraine and almost never sign up for such a website.  This is not to say that it’s absolutely impossible to date one of them, but most don’t need help from an agency or a website and prefer selecting the man of their dreams themselves.  Often, the agency will reply on behalf of the beautiful girl or the photos were borrowed, stolen or purchased in order to be able to scam western men.


So, the internet, we admit, is saturated with scams and fraudulent profiles of stunning Ukrainian and Russian ladies.  Instead, we strongly recommend you find the type of dating website where the main objective is to get you to physically meet the woman you wish to eventually marry.  That way, you know they are real.  You can rest assured that these profiles are not a scam.  There is always the possibility that meeting them does not guarantee absolute 100% fraud-free meetings; the women could very well see you in order to get your money.  However, almost all of them are real, honest, beautiful single girls from Russia or Ukraine who wish to get married with a western man.  This is why we strongly suggest keeping the online correspondence to a minimum and actually meeting the ones you contact as soon as possible.  Anyhow, you will make your decision when you meet the girl, not beforehand.  Looking into her eyes is the time when you know if this gorgeous lady is the right one for you or not.  Travel to their great eastern country and meet them – as many as you are willing to meet in one trip.  This is the recipe for success.