28. Comparing dating a beautiful woman in your country or dating Ukraine brides: The main differences?


What are the criteria many men search for in a future wife.  How many single girls and women in Western countries have them compared to Ukraine brides.  Why it is better to opt for Ukraine dating over dating in your own country.



This is a topic that was mentioned quickly in the previous article, so this time, it will be kept brief.  However, it is a subject that many men wish to discuss because they want to be clear as to what the differences are between finding a gorgeous bride in their home country versus actually traveling to meet Ukraine brides right in their place of origin in order to meet them and perhaps marry them.


There are many differences between Ukraine dating and Western dating, actually, because so many men are searching for that same kind of lovely single girl.  They desire the same format of family as their parents – usually following traditional male-female roles in the household – but also want these new spouses to be young, beautiful and well-educated.  Where can they find such wonderful available women in order to make them their brides?


These criteria can be found in many other countries, but often not all in the same woman.  Let’s look at each one of them.  Yes, there are beautiful women in Europe, Canada and the United-States, of course.  How about education?  Is it very good in those countries as well.  Now, what about age?  This is one of the things that are not the same:  in the west, not that many women accept to marry a man who is much older than them.  However, Russian and Ukrainian single girls are known to accept a gap that can go as high as 15 years, and sometimes (although very rarely) a bit more.  Plus, another point that is appreciated by these men is that they prefer to live according to traditional values.  Put all of these elements together and there are less and less women nowadays, who are seeking to get married and start a family, who are a combination of all of these things.


But, if you accept taking a trip to the Ukraine, you will find many women who fulfill all of these important criteria.  Most men who take the time to visit an eastern country such as the Ukraine or Russia often succeed in finding the woman of their dreams who could eventually become their bride.