36. Coaching for those who want to learn how to seduce beautiful, single russian or ukrainian ladies

Details on a project started to help shy or inexperience men learn how to seduce beautiful single Ukrainian ladies.  Why this sort of information is important for you and what are the steps of the process.



There is a lot of information out there that directs you towards good online dating websites to find wonderful  single Ukrainian ladies who could become your bride.  You can also learn about international marriage and everything else in between.  However, surprisingly, a crucial part of this process is missing: what you should do during your first meeting with the women you were in contact with in the online dating website or intenational marriage agency.  Why is this so important?  Because exchanging emails is not enough to know if a woman can eventually become your wife.  You cannot rely on the fact that you contact a gorgeous, single girl by email to know if she will accept to marry you.  The part you should pay attention to the most is the first meeting. Like they say, making a good first impression is very important, and it is also true for this type of situation.  The seduction process is entirely up to you.  You cannot ask the international marriage agency to make the beautiful woman from Russia or the Ukraine sitting in front of you to start liking you!  This part is your responsibility, and you cannot start doing things that will make the woman believe that you are not right for her.  But, the good news is that there are tips and tricks that you can follow in order to help you out with this.


We know that many men are shy or do not yet have much experience in trying to attract a woman’s love yet.  This is why we created a project focused solely on how to seduce lovely single Ukrainian ladies.  The steps are quite simple:  you get online coaching before you come to the Ukraine; when your arrive in this lovely eastern country, you receive a semi-controlled practice, and then one that is not controlled.  This will help you understand the mentality of local single Ukrainian ladies, what to do to make them become interested in you and what does not work, in order to reach your goal:  hear the words “I love you”.


If you wish to receive more information on how to become autonomous when you are dating, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you.