What do I need to know before I travel to Ukraine?

Since 04/01/2005 visas are not necessary for citizens of the US, Canada, EC and Switzerland. Citizens of other countries should provide (or send by mail) an invitation and their passport to the Embassy of Ukraine in their countries.

How do I receive an invitation to come to Ukraine?

Please send us a copy of your passport and approximate dates of your trip in Ukraine. We’ll send you a letter of invitation.

How do I book a hotel or rent an apartment for the best price?

We always advise our clients to rent a 1-2 room apartment, with all modern comfort in Kharkiv downtown. It will permit you to save 40% in comparison to hotel rates and enjoy the advantages of apartment accommodation. We will make the reservation for free.

Which air travel companies fly to Kyiv?

UIA, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Ukrainian Airlines, Lufthanza, Lot, Malev, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines and others.

Which air travel companies fly to Kharkiv?

LOT, UIA, Pegasus.

Which airport should I choose: Kharkiv or Kyiv?

Your tickets to Kyiv will be cheaper than tickets to Kharkiv. It’s up to you to decide whether to save a hundred dollars and to travel to Kharkiv from Kyiv by bus or train or to save your time and fly from Kyiv to Kharkiv.

How do I get from Kyiv to Kharkiv?

by bus: 7 hours

by plane: 1 hour

by train: 4,5 hours

Which credit cards are accepted in Ukraine?

All international cards (Visa, Maestro, Master Card) are accepted for purchases and cash withdrawal. Please be careful of your daily or weekly cash withdrawal limit. It’s always advisable to keep a part of your budget in cash. 95% of restaurants and supermarkets accept cards.

What’s the weather typical for different seasons?

On average: February -3 to -10, March -3 to +7, April +5 to +15, June-August +22 to +30 (all in Celsius).

What are the prices like in Ukraine?

Due to an infavourable economic situation and rather low salaries, the prices are also not high (except things of luxury: hotels for foreigners, certain restaurants).

Does the problem of insecurity really exist?

Kharkiv is a rather calm city, and you risk nothing (if you don’t go rambling in some suburbs). Especially as our agency takes care of your security during all the time of your visit.

How do I invite a woman to my country?

It really depends on which country you live in. The document of prime necessity is of course the letter of invitation, issued by your city administration. Other documents such as revenue certificate or propriety entitlement might be necessary depending on the country. All the documents should be sent to the person that you are inviting. She should present these papers in the Embassy of your country in Ukraine.