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  • Mark, 52 years old, France

    Kharkiv marriage agency reviews:

    I have very agreeable memories of Kharkiv and of Ukraine. People are very nice and smiling. Everything was very well organised and improved. My commitment to return soon will be made without problem since I met OKSANA thanks to your agency. I am grateful to all team of the Dmitri’s dating and marriage agency.

    Sincerely, Mark

  • Santino, 47 years old, France

    UkReine dating site testimonial:

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    Question: What should the other clients visit while in Kharkov?

    Answer: Concerning Kharkov, I can definitely say that it is a wonderful city. It is lively, with a lot of university students – therefore many young people. It is very, very, very alive and buzzing with a lot of restaurants – many excellent ones that are well-priced.

    As for lifestyle, I’ve mentioned restaurants, so I will speak of the parks too, which are magnificent. For example, Chevtchenko Park is superb, as is Gorki Park with its attractions that are suitable for children as well as adults. Therefore, there are a lot of things to see for everyone. I went there at night and it was very lively – it remains that way until late during the night. It is truly magnificent.

    There are a lot of spots to see. Some of them are cathedrals, some are very large cathedrals, including baroque-style ones, which are on the other side of the river. There are many churches as well. They have a historic museum which is very, very interesting. There are Ukrainian symbols as well. It is very nice to discover. I want to tell you to come to Kharkov because it is a wonderful city.

  • Philippe, 55 years old, France

    Ukrainian dating site reviews:

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    Question: Philippe, can you tell me if the agency’s services met your requirements?

    Answer: Yes. The agency’s services are practically exceptional because the employees demonstrated professionalism both in France and here, where I am now. They are very pleasant, very available, and very obliging. We have everything we need because they organize things well. If something does not go the way it should, it is fixed immediately. Sometimes there are little surprises but things are dealt with in a professional manner.

  • Antoine, 51 years old, France


    Kharkiv marriage agency reviews:

    Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antoine. I am French and I live in Lorraine. I wish to tell you today about UkReine.com’s agency services, speaking from the bottom of my heart. As a matter of fact, this agency is serious on many regards. I decided to do this trip to the Ukraine in order to meet someone. The employees did a fabulous job – a very professional one – of accompanying me. It begins with the organization of the trip, being accompanied and managed during the stay, and all of this is well organized, on top of being done seriously. Kharkov is not scary at all. It’s a large and beautiful city; life here is pleasant. It entices, tickles the senses, just like the UkReine agency. I was not disappointed at all when it comes to that part; it is not a scam. Quite the contrary – it represents well the women who sign up for their site.

    To those who are hesitating, who have doubts, I tell them that those who risk nothing have nothing. One must find the courage and the will needed to embark on this beautiful, romantic adventure. You will not be disappointed!

    Yours truly, Antoine

  • Stéphane, 37 years old, France


    UkReine dating site testimonials:

    This trip to Ukraine was decided at the very last minute, but it was absolutely unforgettable! The girls in the agency, especially Nathalie, were extraordinarily kind, available, understanding, endearing and generous because of their very big hearts! Their attachment to their country and their city only makes one want to know more about it, discovering something new each and every day – and it was truly a whole new scenery.

    The agency planned everything for me: a well-located, downtown apartment including a variety of diverse food in the kitchen, taxis, journeys, walks, and especially excellent restaurants to discover! You must try the local cuisine. Nathalie and Lyliya organized the meetings with the girls. They were always by my side and gave me tremendous support and help every step of the way. They are indispensable! I know English so I could sometimes speak with them directly, but Nathalie was always there to help in case of miscommunication or any misunderstanding.

    This is a trip I would do again without hesitating if I have the chance to do so in the future. Thank you Nathalie, Lyliya, Irina and Tatyana! You are extraordinary.