Glenn Parmley, 58 years old from Australia

Glenn, a single man from Brisbane decides to go to Ukraine to meet Ukrainian brides. He is assisted by Dating and Marriage agency. See what happened to him during his 2 week trip.

Mark, 52 years old, France

Kharkiv marriage agency reviews: I have very agreeable memories of Kharkiv and of Ukraine. People are very nice and smiling. Everything was very well organised and improved. My commitment to return soon will be made without problem since I met OKSANA thanks to your agency. I am grateful to all team of the Dmitri’s dating … Continue reading Mark, 52 years old, France

Santino, 47 years old, France

UkReine dating site testimonial: Video testimony!!! Question: What should the other clients visit while in Kharkov? Answer: Concerning Kharkov, I can definitely say that it is a wonderful city. It is lively, with a lot of university students – therefore many young people. It is very, very, very alive and buzzing with a lot of restaurants – … Continue reading Santino, 47 years old, France

Philippe, 55 years old, France

Ukrainian dating site reviews: Video testimony!!! Question: Philippe, can you tell me if the agency’s services met your requirements? Answer: Yes. The agency’s services are practically exceptional because the employees demonstrated professionalism both in France and here, where I am now. They are very pleasant, very available, and very obliging. We have everything we need because they … Continue reading Philippe, 55 years old, France

Antoine, 51 years old, France

18.05.2016 Kharkiv marriage agency reviews: Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Antoine. I am French and I live in Lorraine. I wish to tell you today about’s agency services, speaking from the bottom of my heart. As a matter of fact, this agency is serious on many regards. I decided to … Continue reading Antoine, 51 years old, France

Stéphane, 37 years old, France

09.05.15 UkReine dating site testimonials: This trip to Ukraine was decided at the very last minute, but it was absolutely unforgettable! The girls in the agency, especially Nathalie, were extraordinarily kind, available, understanding, endearing and generous because of their very big hearts! Their attachment to their country and their city only makes one want to … Continue reading Stéphane, 37 years old, France

Dominique, 50 years old, France

14.05.2009 Kharkov marriage agencies testimonials: I am naturally very prudent. But, I trusted Kharkov after visiting’s website and contacting someone for a few months. I could only come to this conclusion: those who are hoping for serious meetings, including serious projects, should not hesitate! Take the plunge – a new environment, kindness and security … Continue reading Dominique, 50 years old, France

Roger, 67 years old, France

28.07.16 UkReine dating site testimonial: It was wonderful, planned well ahead of time with UkReine agency, in order to meet a wonderful woman. Nathalie, one of the interpreters, met me at the airport, as promised. The team took me into their responsibility right away: the apartment is very comfortable, and it includes plenty of food … Continue reading Roger, 67 years old, France

Vincent, 56 years old, France

10.06.16 I would like to write Ukrainian dating site testimonial and tell everyone about my great experience, especially for anyone who is thinking about traveling to the Ukraine through the «UkReine» agency. I would like to encourage people to fulfill their objectives. Do not hesitate to do it and do not pay attention to the … Continue reading Vincent, 56 years old, France

Patrick, 42 years old, Switzerland

The photo of our marriage is the best evidence of the job of this Russian marriage agency. I really appreciate all that they made for me and I am so happy to find my soulmate!!

Jésus, 55 years old, France

Ukraine marriage agency testimonial Video testimony!!! Question: Jésus, please tell us if there is a difference between Ukrainian and French women. Answer: I think that – well, there is a difference. I believe that Ukrainian women are a bit less complex than French women. In my opinion, it is mostly due to three qualities that I find important … Continue reading Jésus, 55 years old, France