How to get prepared for your trip to Kharkiv, Ukraine

We have already organized many trips for our clients to Ukraine. And even though our main goal is to make sure that you have your dates held in a proper way, we still care about your pass-time in Ukraine. It’s true that we are not responsible for your way to Ukraine and you might find the advice in this article absurd and obvious, some travelers who have less experience may consider it quite helpful.

So when you have already found the lady (-ies) on our site and chose the package for coming you need to plan your trip.

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First of all you need to buy plane tickets. Here you can find the information about the direct flights to Kharkiv and chose the best option for you.  Of course you free to surf the Internet and check other possibilities.

Pay attention to the rules of the air company you turn to.  In order to avoid any troubles at the customs control read all the rules and follow them.

Keep in mind that even if you are the citizen of a European country, you DO need your international passport to come to Ukraine!


Kharkiv and Kharkov is the same thing. It depends on what language you are translating from – Ukrainian or Russian. The airport of our city is Kharkiv Osnova International Airport


Also think about your finances in advance. In deed you can use your card in Ukraine but not everywhere. It’s better to pay with cash in restaurants and shops, for taxi and flowers.  We also remind you that in the agency we accept only cash.

Here’s little list of  the troubles that might occur in case you leave it go by the flow:

  1. increased exchange rates at the airport
  2. extra charge for automatic currency conversion when paying with your card
  3. card limits for paying via Internet
  4. card limits for paying with card abroad
  5. extra charge when withdrawing cash at the local ATM (they only give UAH – local currency)

That’s why if  you want to avoid all of those, we kindly advise you to prepare the cash sufficient for the trip in advance. As for changing it to the local currency, you better do it in the town and not at the airport.

The next issue that some travelers face when coming to Ukraine is … roaming. Don’t forget to find out the prices for mobile services of your operator when you go abroad as they are higher than those in your country. Похожее изображение

Roaming is activated automatically when you cross the board and normally you get the notification with the information you need to know.

However you can avoid  paying much! Just buy a local cell card or use Wi-Fi at the public places.

The cell card with a month package of calls, SMSs and Internet included will cost only up to 7 Euros and you’ll have the possibility to stay in touch  wherever you go and whenever you want. You need just 10 minutes of your time and no documents to get a cell card in Ukraine, so go for it!



We also highly recommend you to install Uber for calling the taxi. Local taxi companies like 3040, 2002, applications like Uklon, OnTaxi, Etaximo, etc do not meet your needs as they don’t support foreign languages service.




When you come to Kharkiv you can take a transfer service of our agency UkReine (it’s included to the “All inclusive” package and you can take it as an additional option with your On demande package). We will meet you at the airport right after customs control. You’ll see our agent holding a card with your name on it. The agent will call a taxi and take you off to your place. You are welcome to ask any questions and the agent will provide you with all the necessary information.



Kharkiv is a lovely modern city and we are always glad to see you here. To cut the long story short, pack your luggage and come to Ukraine. In case there’s still  something unclear to you don’t hesitate to contact us at


Hope to see you soon and …