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If you entered this page of our Russian dating site, you must be already in correspondence with one (or more:)) Russian and Ukrainian woman of our agency and wish to visit Ukraine for a meeting. And you have some questions about your possible visit to Ukraine.

How should I pay for my stay in Ukraine?

We have two kinds of services:

Base services, that are oriented to customers who are in correspondence with one or two women, those who prefer to pay for each service separately.

Accompaniment service, oriented to customers who are in correspondence with several Russian women and prefer to have many meetings without any pre-match or do a custom search of additional women who are not in our database. This service is for a Gentleman, who prefers an ‘all inclusive’ package.

Do I need a visa for Ukraine?

No, you just need your passport and airline tickets if you are a citizen of a country in the EU, Switzerland, Canada or the United States.

How to get to Kharkov?

You have to go to Kiev or a stopover in Vienna to take the flight Vienna-Kharkov What alternative is more economical?

Of course, the flight to Kiev with a transfer from Kiev to Kharkov organized by our agency is chipper. But alternative variant that is Your City-Vienna-Kharkov is more expensive but often faster. How to get from Kiev to Kharkov (480 km)? We offer three types of Kiev-Kharkov transfer.

1. By bus from Kiev airport to Kharkov – our representative will pick you up at the airport Borispil-Kiev, will give you your tickets to the bus to Kharkov and will accompany you to it. At the bus station in Kharkov our driver will be waiting for you and will take you to your apartment – 50 euros.

2. By plane from Kiev to Kharkov – we will reserve tickets for Kiev-Kharkov flight – 100 euros. 3. By car from Kiev to Kharkov – 170 euros. How to travel by train in Ukraine? If you want to travel by train in Ukraine, please note that the average speed does not exceed 50km per hour. Therefore, the majority of trips is by overnight trains.

Weather in Kharkov, Ukraine – how to learn?

Googling), of course! Just type ‘weather Kharkov Ukraine’.

Where to stop?

The hotels are quite expensive in Ukraine (from 80 euros / night), so the majority of our clients ask us to reserve an apartment for them in the center of Kharkov not far from our office. The price varies between 40-50 euros / night.

Which credit cards are accepted in Ukraine?

The international cards Visa, Maestro and Master Card are accepted for withdrawals from ATMs which are numerous in big cities. However, be careful – there are limits of withdrawal per day or week. It is always best to take cash from 50-70% of the budget of your stay to avoid disappointment. Also note that you can pay by credit card only in a limited number of shops and restaurants in Kharkov.

Can we pay in euros?

No, you can pay only in national currency called grivnya. The exchange offices are numerous in the city center.

Do any security problems exist?

Kharkiv is a very quiet city and you do not risk much, at least less than in larger European cities. However it is best to avoid some suburban neighborhoods at night, which in any case you will not find much interesting.

Will I have the plan and guide in Kharkov?

Free for everyone in our office. Our agency guarantees your safety during your stay, which essentially passes in the city center.

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