Do Ukrainian women want to marry Western men just to have papers?

You decide to marry Ukrainian women but you hesitate because she can say “Yes” only to obtain green card? Are Ukrainian women interested in marrying American for green card? You will find today the true point of view about Ukrainian women marriage.
Everyone is aware that living abroad is not a paradise, we can go there for a week on vacation, but everyday life in any country is far from a dream: unemployment, price increase, uncontrolled immigration, terrorism, lower social guarantees etc. If a Russian or Ukrainian woman is looking for a foreign man just to get papers, what does she win and what does she lose? She loses her job, her family, her friends, her roots, she loses her little moments of daily happiness. What does she earn abroad without speaking well the language, without having a job, without having friends, without having a home, just papers that allow her not to starve? It can be a good solution for African women who have an infernal life in their country and probably know some foreign language, but certainly not for a Russian or Ukrainian woman.
When the difference in the standard of living is obvious, or there is a hope to obtain citizenship, what comes to people’s minds when after marrying a foreign man Ukrainian girl moves to his native country from less prosperous Russia or Ukraine?

Then, according to their logic, it turns out that the more unfavorable and poorer the country, the more self-interested girls in it, who marry only for the sake of citizenship abroad.

But every Russian girl can say:
What is my fault that I was born in Russia?

It turns out that we are all so guilty by default, because we were not born in a rich country. In general, we are guilty initially, and then we should prove the contrary, not only to your foreign boyfriend, but also to his parents/relatives/friends.
Well, those people who say such things, do they know that our women often really worsen their financial and social situation by marrying a foreigner (at least initially, and some of them for the rest of their life)?
Do they know what it’s like to change the habitual life, to be not close to family, friends, native culture, mentality, language (especially for mature women), to change many habits, the way of life?
Is it easy to trust completely to your new foreign boyfriend, even a loved one, but in fact an unfamiliar person (even several meetings are not always the guarantee of his serious intentions)?
How to “fit” in a new society and a new life, find your place in it?
Do they know what it means to “marry abroad” from all sides, and not from the front facade?
It’s a Russian roulette!
Okay, moving abroad with a bride’s visa is traditionally considered easier than independent immigration, and not only foreigners, but our compatriots think so: “And what about her – she went to everything ready!” But how many compromises does it cost and also women should integrate either in professional life abroad or she should start huge cleaning, sincerely take care of their husbands and even their children from previous marriages that not every local wife will do ?

In addition, there are many difficult moments concerning documents, interviews in the embassy, sometimes it takes several months to get permission to move to another country. Also sometimes embassy asks the proof of the relations of the international couples (details, even intimate and the reservations of the hotels, the common photos, embassy checks the information separately while speaking with the members of the couple about the details of the private life etc). There are countries that require the certificate of mastery of the language of the country where a girl moves.

And if someone does not understand it, then you can and you must explain all the above, and all in a direct conversation – why be embarrassed! Why do Russian girls should be judged as someone who searches for an easier life when in reality it’s vice versa?
The stress should be put on the moment that such Russian girls are very brave, because they were not afraid to change their life abruptly and to make such serious changes.

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