Ukrainian women for marriage: work or household?

You want to visit Ukraine but you hesitate about goods, services and prices? You are interested in mentality of Ukrainian and Russian women concerning work and household? You always hear that living in Ukraine is very cheap? Today you will find out exhaustive information about cost of living in Ukraine. All that you need to know about Ukraine prices to plan your Ukraine travel. We will discuss living in Ukraine: pros and cons, details about living in Ukraine as a foreigner.

We start with the standard of living in Ukraine which is high, while the cost of living is lower than in most European countries.

The people of Ukraine to cope with the psychology of poverty grows professionally very sharply and earns more and more money.

The Ukrainian women for marriage are not limited to keeping the family cocoon, caring for children. They want the best life for themself and for their family. This is why maternity leave is decreasing, Ukrainian women are working a lot and what is most interesting – sometimes on several jobs!

After feminist movements, women occupy positions previously reserved for men and they feel comfortable.

It’s not a problem to combine private life and professional life. The Ukrainian woman is always looking for opportunities to self-realization, to earn a living not to depend on the man.

In order to organize the household, you should have money too – the Ukrainian woman understand it and can do it.

The salary in comparison with the prices is sometimes insufficient, from which comes the opinion that for the foreigners the life in Ukraine is less expensive, because their cost of the life is greater a priori. But we must not forget that we can always find different segments of goods and services, so your stay in Ukraine, its quality and cost will depend on your expectations.

Among the advantages of life in Ukraine we can name a lot of possibilities to be realized, if we have the desire of course; the salaries are not huge but they increase with your efforts. Of course, you have to be diligent to live at ease, to feed the family. But with our possibilities to increase our desires. That’s why we do not try to make all the money.

For the foreigner who comes as a tourist it will not be a problem to spend a good weekend in Ukraine with his euros or dollars, but if he wants to settle in Ukraine, work and pay for himself he will see that life in Ukraine is not so cheap. But you will make your own conclusion after visiting Ukraine.

The most important thing is, one should never think that Ukrainian women dream of leaving their own country / husband / home for the best life abroad only to have the protector who will earn their living and do nothing.

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