Difference between Western women and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women


Firstly it is not obvious that there is some difference between western women and Ukrainian and Russian women. But the appearance, habits and character are rather different. To cope with this question you should know the specifics of them both. What do you know about the difference: Russian women vs American? Is the difference western women vs eastern women obvious or there are some reefs in this question? Is that difference more or less visible that in opposition Russian women vs Ukrainian women?

Natural appearance. The body of Russian and Ukrainian women is more sporting because they pay attention to their physical appearance. The skin is also more clear and clean.

Ukrainian and Russian women pay more attention to their physical appearance. Even to go to the store and buy bread they have to put on makeup, put on a beautiful dress and be perfect. In addition, they are used to assessing people firstly by their physical appearance and cleanliness. The hair is very often colored, the nail polish is almost obligatory.


Russian and Ukrainian women are more feminine, active, more demanding but they are ready to offer more.

They are ready for more sacrifices to a man but only if they see that he loves them sincerely and he is also ready to do everything for them (and I do not say that it is for money).

They are also more attached to families and children, want them to stay at home as long as possible.

They take with caution all that is new, unusual, unknown when they are alone. With their boyfriend they feel more safer and self-confident.

Disadvantages of Russian and Ukrainian women: Sometimes they are more gossiping and more jealous.

Negative sides of beauty: eternal competition in women’s circles.

Exaggerated notion of beauty: heels everywhere, high fashion in places where it is not suitable etc.

They can be grumpy in everyday situations especially in public places.

The behavior depends on their state of mind.

But concerning a man they are faithful and gentle, because they are less emancipated and want a strong shoulder.

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